June 15

Today we finshed up our Adaptation Posters. They are due on Monday. We will be working on Topic 2 on Monday and then we will do a Genetic Lab on Tuesday. Yes we will work until the semester is over because this is high school and this is what Mrs. Rosso gets paid to do. Don’t whine…….only dogs can hear those noises.

June 14

Today we began work on our Animal Adaptations assignment. Students are to pick an animal of their choice and will be working on the assignment for the next two class periods.


1. Choose an animal (or plant if you’d like). Obtain or sketch a picture of it. Fasten your sketch to the middle of a large sheet of paper.

2. Record the name of the organism and the environment it lives in. Alongside the picture, list some functions that are important to the survival of the organism. For example:


*obtaining food

*protection from other animals

*protection against physical factors such as dryness, wind, snow, heat or light.

3. Beneath each function, record the adaptations that are associated with it. Draw a line to connect each adaptation to the appropriate part of the organism.

4. If necessary, make separate detailed illustrations to show structures that are small or are inside the organism.

5. You will be presenting your completed research to the class.

PS Chewbaca from Star Wars is not a real animal nor is a liger.

June 13

We were at the Science Centre on Monday…..stay tuned for pictures. What a great day we had.

Yesterday we wrote our Density Exam. Great results people. You will get them back on Thursday.

Today we looked at Diversity and Adaptations and watched a video called Sharks. Amazing creatures.

June 8

Today we worked in the computer lab on our Wiki and our Lab video intro. The contest closes next Friday. Remember we are going to the Imax/Science Centre on Monday so be here by 8:25.

Josh I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the 700 pennies……..you probably did more damage just carrying the bag of them to school.

Shane hope you’re up for the Imax on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

June 7

Today we had 40 minute classes due to the Awards Assembly. In science we corrected our Practice Exam. It seems that everyone knew their material. The real exam will be on Tuesday.

Get those Imax permission slips in.


Sorry the blog is so late. We were just going to do a short current event about sharks and the ecosystems they live in…..wow did we get carried away. What a great three hours of interesting and insightful discussion. You guys continue to amaze me.

Please remember to get your IMAX/Science Centre permission slips in. I will have the permission slip up on the blog tomorrow.

We will finish up our Density Practice Exam tomorrow and then watch a quick Bill Nye video about ecosystems. Remember your Density Exam is next Tuesday.

Thanks to those of you who continue to do amazing work on the wiki.

June 4

Today we got past assignments handed back. We are working on Unit #3 – Fluids and Pressure assignment, the logic problem is to be handed in. Also there is a practice exam that we got today. Progress reports were handed out. The gummie bear lab was handed back and the density lab is due.
P.s. It is SUPER nice outside and since Driver ed. is done for those people who were in it we are VERY HAPPY. So Get OUTSIDE!!!
P.P.S. Today’s blog was brought to you by Erica N.

Relay For Life

 [kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/10Z4yWh4dAQ" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/81fgCKB02Ys" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Thanks to all the students who came this morning to set up the venue for Relay For Life. The work you did was amazing. How incredible to set up all of those luminaries in only two hours.

I was so proud of how hard you worked and how beautifully behaved you were. We had many compliments. A special thanks to the boys who unloaded the two trucks. The ladies working that area came over to the school to thank you again.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday. Only 13 days of school left. Check out the countdown page on the wiki. Thanks Justin.

May 31

Today we went to the computer lab to work on a new program called Windows Movie Maker. Students were to try to create a template onto which all of our videos could be placed. This way all of our videos will start off with the same introduction and theme music. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Tomorrow we go to Relay For Life. Dress appropriately as we are going regardless of the weather. A little rain and chilly weather is nothing compared to what people who are undergoing cancer treatment have to endure.